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It's all here! Motorcycle helmets (Shoei, Arai, AGV, Nolan, HJC, Bell, Scorpion), motorcycle racing leathers, motorcycle gear (Alpinestars, Dianese, Icon and AGV), Sportbike T-Shirts from Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Aprilia, Ducati,and Kawasaki, MotoGP and Moto2 racing information including up-to-date rider profiles and the current racing schedule. Everything you need to feed your Motorcycle Obsession.


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SHoei Qwest Prestige Helmet Shoei Qwest Ascend Motorcycle Helmet AGV K3 Rossi Icon Motorcycle Helmet
Shoei Qwest Prestige Shoei Qwest Ascend AGV K3 Rossi Icon
AGV K3 Italy Flag Motorcycle Helmet AGV K3 Crew Motorcycle Helmet AGV K3 Chicane Motorcycle Helmet
AGV K3 Italy Flag AGV K3 Crew AGV K3 Chicane
AGV K3 46 Motorcycle Helmet AGV K4 EVO Arrow Motorcycle Helmet Icon Airmada 4 Horsemen Helmet
AGV K3 46 AGV K4 EVO Arrow Icon Airmada 4 Horsemen
Icon Airmada Rubatone Helmet Icon Airmada Solid Helmet Icon Airmada Sportbike SP1 Helmet
Icon Airmada Rubatone Icon Airmada Solid Icon Airmada Sportbike SP1
Icon Airmada Stack Helmet Icon Airframe Manic Helmet AGV GP-Tech Rossi Comic LE Helmet
Icon Airmada Stack Icon Airframe Manic AGV GP-Tech Rossi Comic LE
Arai Corsair V Edwards Patriot Helmet Icon Alliance Chieftain Helmet Icon Alliance Cherry Pop Helmet
Arai Corsair V Edwards Patriot Icon Alliance Chieftain Icon Alliance Cherry Pop

Motorcycle Helmets, Motorcycle Jackets and Motorcycle Racing Suits

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"This is not only a piece of metal - there is a soul." - Valentino Rossi

Sportbikes are designed for speed and agile maneuverability. These powerful and comparatively lightweight machines require a rider to be able to perform precisely and fluidly at high speeds. Any rider will tell you the margin of error on a motorcycle is extremely narrow. They can be tremendously unforgiving, even in the hands of expert riders. The ability to combine the respect they demand and the speed that they beg for can result in one of the most exhilarating experiences of a rider's lifetime. Alternatively, a moment's lapse in concentration can, and much too often does, end in tragedy.

Sportbikes are best suited for the race track even though most production bikes are used for street riding, canyon carving and even daily commuting. Safety should be every rider's number one priority. With all of the elements we face daily on public roads, street bike riders suffer from general disadvantages on many levels to begin with. Cage drivers (car drivers) often don't see us, we don't have seat belts and/or airbags to help protect us, and to top it off, we are essentially straddling 400 lbs. of machine that can be thumped off the road by a wayward piece of gravel. Ultimately, we choose to ride finely-tuned, tightly-wound, twitchy performance machines with power-to-weight ratios that make even the most responsible riders prone to pull idiotic moves.... I'm guilty!!

One of the things we do have going for us is fantastically affordable, amazingly engineered, easily obtainable PROTECTIVE GEAR. The dangers of our addiction are a harsh reality. For most motorcycle riders, it's not a matter of IF you go down, it's a matter of WHEN and how bad (some of us can even toss in HOW MANY TIMES). A helmet and leathers will not guarantee your survival in the case of an accident, but they will greatly increase your odds.

Follow the examples of the professional motorcycle racing icons we have all come to respect and admire. You would never see MotoGP riders Valentino Rossi, Nicky Hayden or Casey Stoner rocketing around the Twin Rings of Motegi in jeans and a t shirt without a helmet.

We all have a motorcycle of choice. For some it is the high revving, small displacement super sport bikes like the Honda CBR600, for others, the performance geared, liter class, super bikes like the Honda CBR1000RR and the Suzuki GSX-R1000, and the real speed demons might go for the hyper sport bikes such as the Kawasaki ZX-14 or the Suzuki Hayabusa which are built with a stronger emphasis on top speed and acceleration. Whatever motorcycle you choose to ride....

learn it, respect it, live it, love it, GEAR UP and ride!!

Motorcycle helmets, motorcycle gear, Sportbike T-Shirts from Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Aprilia, Ducati, and Kawasaki, MotoGP news and racing information including up-to-date rider profiles and the current MotoGP racing schedule. Everything you need to feed your Motorcycle Obsession.


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