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Dunlop D220

Dunlop D220 TireDunlop D220 Rear Tire

Dunlop D220 Tires

Dunlop D220. The D220 is the successor to the D205. Improvements in construction and rubber compound for excellent wear resistance and wet grip and handling. Broad size range to fit most popular sport and sport touring bikes.






Dunlop Tires

Dunlop D220 Front TiresDunlop D220 Rear Tire

Vendor Price Placement/Size
Bike Bandit $105.92 Front - 120/60ZR-17
$131.27 Rear - 160/60ZR-17
Motorcycle Superstore $101.99 Front - 120/60ZR-17
$131.99 Rear - 160/60ZR-17
Cycle $104.97 Front - 120/60ZR-17
$129.67 Rear - 160/60ZR-17
J&P Cycles® $114.99 Front - 120/60ZR-17
$149.99 Rear - 160/60ZR-17
Dunlop Tires

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Dunlop D220

  • Developed with intensive engineering and testing, the tread pattern yields even greater grip in wet weather conditions
  • Improvements in construction and rubber compound offer excellent dry grip and wear resistance
  • Available to fit most sport and sport-touring bikes
  • ZR-rated for speeds up to 149+ mph
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