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Avon VP2 Supersport

Avon VP2 Supersport Front Tire

Avon VP2 Supersport Front Tires

Avon VP2 Supersport. High-performance street/track tire with the ideal balance of strong grip, excellent handling, and long tread life. Features Avon’s new Hybrid Belt design, which has varying densities of steel wound together under the tread at 0°. Steel gives stability, flexibility and exceptional grip.

Advanced Variable Belt Density for a big tire contact patch on shoulder and tighter center wrap belt for high-speed stability and improved mileage. Avon’s Tri Compound Extrusion carcass has three compounds: a durable center for improved mileage, soft edges for max grip at high lean angles and a very soft compound across base of the tire tread for an improved bond between the tire compounds and carcass. Enhances Stability system reduces tread flex and the Reactive Footprint design changes the tire footprint at various lean angles for improved grip.

Super-Rich Silica tire compound allows the tire to warm-up fast and provide and superior grip. The Enhanced Aqua Flow tread pattern disperses water well, and the Advanced Tread Arc Combination-Tri Arc design creates a varied tread profile to maximize handling and stability. Inverted Front Grooves resist uneven tread wear and improve braking performance. The Lifetime Profile Engineering design gives consistent handling and stability for the full life of the tire. W-rated for speeds of 168+ mph.



Avon Tyres

Avon VP2 Supersport Front Tire

Vendor Price Size
Bike Bandit $134.36 120/60R-17
$141.01 120/70R-17
Cycle Gear.com $114.99 120/60R-17
$129.99 120/70R-17
Motorcycle Superstore $116.99 120/60R-17
$132.99 120/70R-17
The Helmet Center $133.99 120/60R-17
$147.99 120/70R-17
Avon Tyres

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Avon VP2 Supersport.

  • Advanced Variable Belt Density-the wider wrapped belt on the shoulders allows for a big, compliant contact patch, the tighter wrapped belt in the center gives high speed stability and even wear for better mileage
  • Hybrid Belt Technology-the world’s first under tread, the aramid and steel are wound together around the tire at 0°
  • The aramid gives stability while steel provides flexibility and exceptional grip
  • Triple Tread Extrusion with 3 compounds gives a durable center for mileage, 2 soft edges for max grip and high lean and very soft across tread base improves the bond between compounds and carcass
  • Enhanced Aqua Flow tread gives optimal water dispersal and Inverted Front Grooves are resistant to uneven wear and improves braking
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