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Avon Storm 2 Ultra AV55

Avon Storm 2 Ultra AV55 Front Tire

Avon Storm 2 Ultra AV55 Front Tires

Avon Storm 2 Ultra AV55. This tire is the perfect balance of high-performance materials and water-shedding tread. It is impressive on dry pavement and amazing on wet.

The Tri-Compound Extrusion (TE) and Advanced Variable Belt Density (A-VBD) construction combines a durable center for stability and longevity with softer edges for excellent grip at high lean angles.

The Storm 2 Ultra provides consistent handling and stability for the life of the tire, fast warm-up times, and superior grip. The tread gives optimal water dispersal and resistance to uneven wear to improve braking.

Includes Avon’s road hazard warranty. W-Rated, Tubeless.



Avon Tyres

Avon Storm 2 Ultra AV55 Front Tire

Vendor Price Size
Bike Bandit $115.18 110/70R-17
$117.81 120/60R-17
$119.69 110/80R-18
$124.35 120/70R-17
$130.23 120/70R-18
$134.08 130/70R-17
J&P Cycles® $126.99 120/60R-17
Avon Tyres

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Avon Storm 2 Ultra AV55.

  • Advanced variable belt density
  • Tri-Compound extrusion 3 compounds for improved mileage, max grip and high lean
  • Lifetime profile engineering for consistent handling and stability
  • Super rich silica compound for fast warm up times and superior grip
  • Enhanced aqua flow read gives optimal water dispersal
  • Inverted front grooves resists uneven wear and improves braking
  • Road hazard warranty covers first mm of wear
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